To make difficult times a little easier, we offer programs to help improve the quality of life of our clients and the health of our community. Completely free of charge.



Support Groups

We offer a variety of support groups!

  • General Support Group
  • Millennial Support Group
  • Caregiver Support Group
  • Metastatic Support Group
  • Youth Support Group
  • Better Odds Nutritional Support Group

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Private Counseling

Individual and family sessions are available by appointment with one of our counselors. We have comfortable, private offices located in our building to make you feel welcomed and relaxed for your session. Telehealth video conference sessions are available as well.

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Financial Aid

A cancer diagnosis is difficult on the wallet. We want our clients to focus on their treatment and recovery, not stress about how to pay the upcoming rent. We provide financial aid for urgent, non-medical needs.

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All the supplies you’ll need but never wanted. Our Unique Boutique provides an intimate, personal shopping experience for our clients. Items include wigs, turbans, nutritional supplements, and other non-medical supplies. Supplies are provided free of charge.

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Getting to life-saving treatment is important. We coordinate volunteer drivers to transport our clients where they need to go. We are also able to provide gas and meal cards to support travel expenses.

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Caregiver Support

Caring for a loved one with cancer presents unique challenges, whether your loved one is in the hospital or at home. You don’t have to navigate the cancer experience alone. The Maria Mencia Cancer Caregiver Support Network is here to help.

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Wellness Activities

The emotional and physical stress of living with cancer and its treatments takes a toll. Regular exercise can help relieve stress, rebuild strength and flexibility, and can reduce the chance of recurrence. Exercise just feels good!

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There is strength through support.